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Wayne Maria

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Krater 96 On-Air Personality Wayne Maria

Best part of my job: I get to press buttons and play music and talk to people all day long

Favorite ice-cream flavor: Awww…do I have to choose just one? Okay, all the flavors at Baskin Robins.

Favorite movie: Star Wars Episodes 1-6. I can watch any of these movies anytime.

Proudest of: My wife and kids.

Childhood ambition: To be a disc-jockey. Nah. I wanted to be a brain surgeon/lawyer, so just in case I got sued for malpractice, I could defend myself.

I would love to be paid to: …be a male stripper. Kinda like Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze in that SNL bit. I’d obviously would be the Chris Farley character.

One of my first jobs: Bagging groceries at Foodland. “Paper or plastic?”

I appreciate most: Living in the most beautiful place on Earth with my incredible family.

Personal challenge: Balancing family and business.

Wildest dream: To play lead guitar for KISS in front of a sold out Aloha Stadium in Ace Freely makeup.

I could live the rest of my life without: Driving in traffic on the H1.

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