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Kona Chang

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Krater 96 On-Air Personality Kona Chang

Best part of my job: Listening to music and talking to people, sharing relatable life stories…

Favorite ice-cream flavor: Mmm…gotta be Chocolate with peanut butter swirl…

Favorite movie: “Shawshank Redemption”…what a great movie!

Proudest of: Winning my first “Na Hoku Hanohano Award” for 2010 Best “Rock Album of the Year”/ CD Acousti-me

Childhood ambition: To win a Grammy AND…to become President of the United States of America! As we see that didn’t happen so…I will settle with being your #1 Afternoon DJ!!

One of my first jobs: Emptying trash at my mom’s work place when I was in 6th grade making $10…A WEEK?? Geez thanks MOM!!!

I appreciate most: Life with my family…

Personal challenge: Working out to keep healthy for my wife and 2 boys…

Wildest dream: I had a dream about hitting the Mega-Bucks in Vegas once, it felt so real! But when I awoke…my wallet was still empty!!

I could live the rest of my life without: Natto?? It’s that stinky, furmented beans they put on rice! Ewww…give me my Spicey Ahi and I’m all good!!

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