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Kona Chang


Kona Chang

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Kona Chang

Best part of my job: Listening to music and talking to people, sharing relatable life stories…

Favorite ice-cream flavor: Mmm…gotta be Chocolate with peanut butter swirl…

Favorite movie: “Shawshank Redemption”…what a great movie!

Proudest of: Winning my first “Na Hoku Hanohano Award” for 2010 Best “Rock Album of the Year”/ CD Acousti-me

Childhood ambition: To win a Grammy AND…to become President of the United States of America! As we see that didn’t happen so…I will settle with being your #1 Afternoon DJ!!

One of my first jobs: Emptying trash at my mom’s work place when I was in 6th grade making $10…A WEEK?? Geez thanks MOM!!!

I appreciate most: Life with my family…

Personal challenge: Working out to keep healthy for my wife and 2 boys…

Wildest dream: I had a dream about hitting the Mega-Bucks in Vegas once, it felt so real! But when I awoke…my wallet was still empty!!

I could live the rest of my life without: Natto?? It’s that stinky, furmented beans they put on rice! Ewww…give me my Spicey Ahi and I’m all good!!

Hawaiian…born & raised in Waimanalo, Hawaii on the island of O’ahu, Kona Chang began his career in the entertainment industry at the age of 14, performing with the popular local group Tropical Knights. Kona then released his own music years later, becoming a two time Na Hoku Hanohano award winner…in 2010 and as of late in 2021 with Tropical Knights. Coming from a family of musicians and entertainers including famed Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakwiwo’ole, Kona has been emersed in the Hawaiian musical culture for 32 years.

Kona Chang started his radio career in 1997 under the name “Island Boy” on Xtreme radio @104.3. Kona has gained success in radio over the years with doing nights, mornings, mid-days, and currently 12n – 6pm on Krater 96 and 9am – 3pm on Hawaiian 105 KINE.

Reaching a new level in his radio career, Kona Chang is now the new Program Director for 2 of Hawaii’s cherished radio stations, KCCN FM100 & Hawaiian 105 KINE. Years of experience in Hawaii’s music scene combined with an illustrious radio career, Kona Chang has set the bar high.

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